Padenga Holdings Limited | Padenga Holdings Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Padenga Holdings Limited (Padenga) is a public company listed on the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange, as from the 9th of July 2021. Initially, Padenga was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. In this respect it was the first listed company in Africa whose sole business is the production and sale of crocodilian skins and meat. The company, formerly a division of the Innscor Africa Limited Group, listed in November 2010. Padenga has a long and rich heritage in Zimbabwe, with one of its three production farms being the first, and therefore oldest commercial crocodile farm ever established in the country. Kariba Crocodile Farm (KCF) was established in 1965 as a small, family run farming operation. The establishment of this farm was testament to the foresight and perseverance of the original owners as its development preceded any formal recognition of the value of sustainable utilization of wildlife species. From that inauspicious start, the Farms that constitute Padenga today have followed a long and sometimes challenging pathway to become the successful operation that exists today. Over that period the business has demonstrated its ability to adapt and flourish in the changing, and often trying circumstances resultant from organisational changes, political and economic difficulties, and more recently, the impact of the global financial crisis and the market recession that resulted from it.

Today, Padenga is one of the world’s leading suppliers of premium quality crocodilian skins, accounting for nearly 85% of the supply of Nile crocodile skins to high end luxury brands globally. Padenga entered the alligator industry in the southern USA and is in partnership in an operation producing watchband size and medium size skins of premium quality for the top end luxury and fashion brands. Padenga also produces crocodile meat from its export approved abattoir for sale to European and Asian markets.

PHL Business Strategy:

Padenga defines its business strategy as being:

  • To be the global market leader in premium quality crocodilian skin production
  • To seek global expansion through diversification into production of other crocodilian species
  • To maximise shareholder returns
  • To practice sound corporate, social and environmental governance
PHL Business Objectives:
  • Economic – to maximise earnings and to minimise costs so as to sustain and grow the business whilst ensuring a positive and continual return to shareholders.
  • Environmental – to practice environmental sustainability in all aspects of its business and in particular to fulfil our responsibilities in terms of conservation of the crocodilian resources in the countries in which we operate.
  • Operational – to utilise skills and technology to develop an operation that is efficient and effective in satisfying the demand for premium quality crocodilian skins and to implement “best practice” protocols across the farming units.
  • Social – maintain PHL’s position as one of the leading employers within the community, as well a one of the main health care providers to the local communities in areas in which the Company operates and to contribute through its social responsibility programs towards uplifting the lives of staff and neighbouring communities.