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Livestock Numbers

The global financial crisis of 2008, and the resultant contraction in exotic skins markets worldwide, forced a rethink of the company’s strategic focus and consequently a new business model was adopted that placed absolute emphasis on producing fewer but top quality skins for premium luxury brands. This change in strategy, where we now assess our skin quality in terms of the overall proportion of our production sold to manufacturers of high end luxury goods, has proved to be the cornerstone of our success. We no longer chase volume, but understand that the premium market will pay for the skin quality that is consistent with their brand status and image. Consequently our production volumes deliberately decreased from 63,500 skins in 2009 to 43,000 skins annually, and this reduction in stocking density provided the improved growth and increased skin quality that set us apart from the majority of other producers.

Each of the three farms has the capacity to produce 14,300 skins per annum and they have consistently over the years produced crops of identical quality, emphasising the strength of the operational systems employed.