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Our People

It is Padenga’s belief that its people are integral to creating and sustaining the culture, operational performance and successes of the Company. This recognition of the value of its staff at all levels across the operation instils a healthy, rewarding and satisfying working environment – one in which everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the company’s success and in doing so being recognised for their individual performances.

The Company strives to implement a culture of high-performance within its workforce and this is achieved through employee engagement, personal growth and adherence to strong corporate values. In maintaining the passion and commitment of its staff, senior Managers continuously provide direction and constantly review and realign the operational systems to meet the current and future operational challenges.

Despite the challenging environment that Padenga operates within, the Company achieves a successful and sustainable business performance through the maintenance of a strong core of experienced, competent and motivated employees. The Company provides opportunities for individuals to advance their skills and qualifications through in-house training and education loans intended not only at advancing the skills capability of the individuals, but also strengthening their commitment and contribution to the business.

Padenga’s management systems are performance based through the setting of internal benchmarks and operational targets, with individual performance being assessed across a multitude of core disciplines although more weighting is given to those parameters that are fundamental to the business’s success.