Padenga Holdings Limited | Padenga Holdings Limited Our Vision

Our Vision

PHL operates on the principle of continuous improvement not only in terms of operational and overall company performance, but also in terms of the individual performance of its employees. The Company strives to maximise the quality of the skins that it produces, and aims to be the principle supplier of premium grade crocodilian skins to the global market.

Our Vision – “To be the principal and preferred supplier of premium grade Crocodilian skins to the luxury brand houses of the world for the manufacture of exclusive, high value handbags, watchbands, clothing and related luxury accessories”

Our Mission Statement – “We are producers of quality crocodilian skins and meat for supply to premium markets worldwide”

Our Values

• Adherence to the five freedoms of Animal Welfare
• Pursuit of excellence
• To be the best
• Integrity
• Humility with confidence
• Respect
• Passion
• Fairness
• Discipline
• Team Spirit